2 NJ Girls Threaten to Kill Classmates, Puts Murder List on Youtube

2 NJ Girls Murder Video -- Two (2) 12 year old girls in New Jersey recently uploaded a video of what seems to be their kill-list or something like a murder roster.
In a 20-minute rant on the video repository site Youtube, the girls tried to threaten to kill their classmates.

One of them said:
I have a special killing thingies for different people
The other one asked:
Wouldn't you guys think I'd be the best assassin ever
As a result, the said kids have been suspended from the school. Those in the murder list they mentioned got into some kind of anticipated fear and trauma.

Parents of the students found in the kill list video became so worried. It is a domestic case turned social threat while those kids can freely use the Internet to issue threats and other crime intentions.

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