Ace Attorney 5 For Nintendo 3DS Trailer Video, Court And Investigation Modes

Ace Attorney 5 For Nintendo 3DS Trailer Video -- Also known as Gyakuten Saiban 5, Ace Attorney 5 brings out a trailer video showing both court and investigation modes in the game. Capcom will be releasing the game in Japan on July 25, so hold your breath gamers!
The trailer video also shows how a player navigate and explore the 3D environment. Take a look!
After Ace Attorney 5 in Japan, a Western release shall be following suit.

Plot of Ace Attorney 5
Ace Attorney 5 marks the return of Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist of the series since the original trilogy. The game takes place one year after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the events of which cleared Wright's name of the circumstances behind his disbarment and allowed him to practice law again. He will be accompanied by a new assistant, a rookie defense attorney and psychologist named Kokone Kizuki (希月 心音 Kizuki Kokone) (Wiki)

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