Angels and Demons Lingering in the Philippine Foreign Policy?

Angels and Demons Lingering in the Philippine Foreign Policy? -- We found in the VERA Files, Yahoo! PH today about this somewhat like Angels and Demons roaming around in the Philippine's foreign policy, specially with regards to various issues including the Malaysia and Sabah standoff, China and West Philippine Sea, alliance with the US, Economic diplomacy and the plight of our Overseas Foreign Workers.
According to this VERA article, Philippine foreign policy actually revolves and work under threee (3) important pillars and these are the following:
  1. Protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the republic
  2. Promotion of the economic interests of the country; and 
  3. Protection and promotion of the welfare of overseas Filipino workers
In the quest for the above-mentioned pillars, is the Philippine government in line with the aspirations embedded therein, looking at its what it has been doing recently?

Let's see the subject of Philippines, Malaysia and Sabah:
  • In the Sabah issue, it is evident that both the Philippine and Malaysian government somehow failed to come up with sufficient intelligence, hence the failure to prepare for excursion and or invasion measures.
  • There is failure in the realm of statesmanship; Both leaders of the two countries involved were somewhat left to the utmost option of hardening their positions as head of the state.
  • Philippines has been mute when it comes to "Sabah Claim".
On China and West Philippine Sea:
  • China has been utilizing this sort of "Effectivities", wherein a lot of other countries have been using when it comes to pressing a claim over a dispute, which largely involve land ownership. This act is well manifested in a way where a country does a lot activities showing its in "control". Look at the war drills and patrols being done by China.
United States as the equalizer:
  • There is no doubt that the United States has been the pivotal and balancing factor when it comes to national security for Asian countries. With such roles, there will be renewed look at the provisions like "visiting" and "activities', which are also the tickets to delve again into the realm of VFA or Visiting Forces Agreement.
Economic diplomacy:
  • Here goes the question of preparedness to act on what has been labeled to the Philippines as one of the economic tigers in the region. There is a challenge on how to put such foreseen economic boost spiral down to the general masses.
Overseas Filipino workers:
  • Philippines look highly to the remittances made by its foreign workers. The protection and promotion of their welfare remain as the grandest among the pillars of Philippine foreign policy.
What the Philippines need?
This should start from being aware of the dynamics of geopolitical environment and the real world wherein the above-mentioned pillars are operating. Then a need for a "clear, coherent and aggressive diplomacy". There is also a need for a Foreign Affairs department that can work on the field to address "transnational challenges", biases and or preferences and the challenges of its unpredictable administrative attitudes.

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