C2 Ready to Drink Tea Soon to be Sold in Myanmar

C2 Ready to Drink Tea Soon to be Sold in Myanmar -- Universal Robina Corp (URC) president Lance Gokongwei said on Thursday that the company is going to invest at least $20-30 million in Myanmar for its C2 ready to drink tea and potentially, perhaps other products of the company as well.
URC's expansion plan in the Southeast Asian market has just been cleared by Myanmar authorities, hence there is the go signal already. Gokongwei said:
We just received our investment license so over the next two years, the plan is to set up a facility and organization there to start selling various products which we cannot disclose at this point
It’s a long-term play. Myanmar is rapidly transforming. It wants to transform itself into another tiger like Vietnam or the Philippines. It’s still in its early days. It's got certain advantages: large population base of over 50 million, they have a very good location in Asia with borders with Thailand, China and India... It will take time
So Pinoys in Myanmar and those who are already dedicated consumers of the tea drink, just stay tuned for the final coming of C2 in the nearby markets.

As of now, the Gokongwei group has got factories in Thailand, Malaysia and also Indonesia, and China. Myanmar will be joining in the list soon.

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