FAQs on Saudi Labor Law for the OFWs

FAQ on Saudi Labor Law for the OFWs in Saudi -- If you are an OFW in Saudi Arabia or perhaps a relative of one, might as well run a review of the following "FAQ on Saudi Labor Law" to get oriented with the running system, as news have been sweeping around regarding Filipinos being under legal cases and struggles in the Middle East. While you maybe out there on the hot sands of Arabia trying to earn the precious dimes for your family's future, you can't deny the fact that severe cases involving violations of Saudi have been on a continuous series.
Saudi Labor Law
In a press release 2 days ago (April 10), the Philippine's embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia said that "illegal workers" and "erring employers" are given until July 4, 2013 to rectify their residency status. The Embassy stressed:
The Saudi government will go after the erring original sponsor, the current employer and the illegal worker if they do not correct their papers once the grace period is over
With regards to those who have been evading the authorities for quite a long time already, they will be facing the immigration procedure of the Saudi government, should they get caught.
Theirs is an immigration problem. There are existing procedures -- Under Saudi law -- for addressing their issues (Phil. Embassy)
Here goes a document highlighting the Saudi Labor Law:

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