Filipinos in Jeddah Need Help

Filipinos in Jeddah Need Help --  In response to the Filipinos in Jeddah who are in dire need for whatever assistance they could get, the Philippine government through Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) expressed its willingness to shoulder the repatriation of 1,000 Pinoys camping outside the consulate of Saudi Arabia.
The above help was relayed by DFA spokesman Raul Hernandez during a press briefing. Meanwhile, the government hopes that the Saudi Kingdom would waive the penalties and fees they imposed on the Filipinos in question so they can be issued with exit papers as needed.

Hernandez said:
We will have to cover the expenses [if the request is not granted]. That is the commitment of this government
In order to be issued a permit to go home to the Philippines, the Filipinos must settle first their dues to the Saudi government. These are the costs to be shouldered depending on the kind of offense committed:
  1. 2,000 Riyals for leaving their employers
  2. 2,400 Riyals for expired residency permits
  3. 1,000 for the iqama and;
  4. 600 to 650 Riyals for every year they stayed there as an illegal
Hopes are high for the stranded Filipino workers with their families out there in the camps where they congregated while the process of repatriation is on going.

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