IMAX Mall of Asia to Open 24-Hours for IRON MAN 3

IMAX Mall of Asia to Open 24-Hours for IRON MAN 3 -- To cater the coming of the 3rd installment of the movie Iron Man (3), IMAX Mall of Asia will be opening for 24-hours from April 24 (10:00AM) until May 1 (10:00PM). It will be one cool week to savor Iron Man 3 in IMAX 3D.

For those who will be watching at dawn, parking fees during the Iron Man 3 dedicated schedule will be running on a regular charging system. All you need is to present your IMAX Iron Man 3 tickets to the parking payment collector at the exit.

For the entrances, movie goers may use Starbucks and Gerry's Grill.

Buy your tickets at the earliest time possible to avoid the long lines at the mall and also, to avail of the free IMAX key chain. If you buy tickets using your e-PLUS card, you will earn triple points. Online transactions via will give you a chance to win TCL LED TV units.

Are you ready for Iron Man 3 on IMAX 3D this April? Buy your tickets now and get the perks waiting for you.

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