Japan Executed 2 Yakuza Gangsters

Japan Executed 2 Yakuza Gangsters -- Friday reports had it that Japan has just executed 2 death-row inmates Yakuza members for shooting cases involving the death of two (2) rival gangsters in Chiba prefecture. It was committed sometime in the year 2005.
The two Yakuza members who were executed on Friday were Katsuji Hamasaki, 64, and Yoshihide Miyagi, 56.

The execution brought the number of inmates on the death row to 134.

The said move raked in protests from the global rights group in Japan. Amnesty International Japan said:
We strongly condemn the five executions conducted since the launch of the new government, which goes against calls by the international community and indicates the government's intention to pave the way for mass executions (AFP)

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