Kobe Bryant Might Have Gotten Torn Achilles After Lakers vs Warriors

Kobe Bryant Might Have Gotten Torn Achilles After Lakers vs Warriors -- Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant might have suffered a torn Achilles tendon after a game with the Golden State, despite the win 118-116. Bryant tried to overpower Harrison Barnes to the outside with barely 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. Bryant said:
I felt like I got kicked. It is a move I make a million times and pop ..Just a freak situation I guess.
According Lakers spokesman John Black, it is probable that Kobe had a torn Achilles and tomorrow, he is scheduled to undergo an MRI checkup to confirm the early diagnosis.
Bryant said he could not walk. He tried to put pressure on his heel to see if things will work as they should -- there is nothing there, no Achilles.

Even though Lakers succumbed to this kind of issues to deal with, the team still managed to secure a win, keeping their playoffs safe for the moment. Bryant on the other hand promised to come back stronger after the crucial match.
It is fueling me. I can feel it already
Players at this stage of their careers pop an Achilles and the pundits say they never come back the same. I can hear it now.
Kobe exited the game with 3:08 to go. After his 2 free throws, he tied the game at 109. After that, he headed to his locker room but never came back.

Good luck to Kobe - let's hope he gets the kind of caliber and conditioning for the Los Angeles Lakers next games.

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