Kool-Aid Man Gets a Fresh New Look

Kool-Aid Man Gets a Fresh New Look -- Kool-Aid is to reveal a new look for its big red mascot on Monday as it brings out a new liquid mix. The old time, wall-bursting red mascot wearing a foam costume will be computer generated.
The new liquid mix of Kool-Aid made its public release in January. It is a push by Kraft Foods to "adjust to changing tastes" and at the same time, try to explore the replication of the success of MiO - its liquid flavor enhancer.

MiO has been widely used by other drink manufacturers already, including Coca-Cola Co.'s Dasani Drops.

In 1920, Kool-Aid was a syrup named "Fruit Smack". It was made into a concentrated powder in 1927 and thereby renamed as "Kool-Ade". The spelling of the name became Kool-Aid in 1930.

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