Mental Hospital Fire Outside Moscow Kills 38

Mental Hospital Fire Outside Moscow Kills 38 -- At least 38 mental patients died during a pre-dawn fire at a small psychiatric hospital in a Russian village on Friday. Due to distance and access issues, the firefighters could not respond to the incident area immediately.
Firefighters at the fire scene - mental hospital on fire
The fire started from the wooden annex of the hospital then spread to the main building, which contains wooden beams. Due to age and kind of materials, the 1950s building somewhat got reduced to ashes in no time, resulting to 29 patients burned alive.

The 38 death count includes 36 patients and 2 doctors.

Location map of mental hospital outside Moscow
According to Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova, most of the patients are suffering from severe mental illness, hence half of them had to be sedated at night in order to sleep. The rest were tied to their beds.

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