Mom Humiliated by Flight Attendant After Using Breast Pump

Mom Humiliated by Flight Attendant After Using Breast Pump -- 38 year old Indiana mom Dawnella Brahos was on board an Amercian Airlines for a flight to Chicago; The commotion when the flight attendant spotter her preparing to use her breast pump. When Brahos explained what she was doing, the airline employee called her a liar instead.
Ms. Brahos told FOX 32 News:
When I got on, she was very loud about saying no, that wasn’t going to be an option and then she soon after followed me back to my seat
According to the "humiliated mom", the flight crew was "loud and cold and argumentative".

After the in-flight squabble, American Airlines sent an official statement of apology.
We apologize for the experience Ms. Brahos had on a recent flight. Our in-flight personnel are trained to handle these situations with professionalism and discretion. American does not have a policy prohibiting the use of breast pumps in-flight. As with other devices that have an on/off switch, customers will be asked not to use them during takeoff and landing. Our procedures advise our crews to ensure that mothers who are breast feeding or using breast pumps have the privacy they need.
Thereafter, Brahos received a $100 voucher from American Airlines for the trouble inflicted upon her.

These days, it is highly recommended that everyone knows his/her rights as an airline passenger in order to avoid this kind of encounter and misunderstanding.

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