The Sad Big Mac Ad of McDonald's

The Sad Big Mac Ad of McDonald's -- The fast food giant issued an apology after one of its Ads for a Big Mac got bombarded with controversy on matters of sensitivity on mental and emotional health. It happened after a photo of the said Ad went out of Twitter.
The Ad was posted on Boston mass transit, showing a woman with her head buried in her hands beside the lines that read "You're Not Alone", followed by "Millions of people love the Big Mac." Said David Yamada, a law professor at Boston's Suffolk University Law School:
I don't think I'm being oversensitive or too 'PC' about this
There are a lot of people who are struggling with their mental and emotional health. They may be highly stressed out, depressed, or even suicidal
The ad writers and executives in McDonald's high-priced marketing operation missed the boat badly on this one. I'm sorry, but the ad is just too close to the real thing to be funny.
On the other hand, McDonald's corporate personalities were not pleased with the posted Ad. It revealed that the material was not duly approved by the Illinois-based company, hence ordered the immediate take down of the media.

Apparently, while there are approval processes that must be followed before an Ad can come out for posting, certain procedures were not followed. Regional spokesperson Nicole DiNoia said:
We have an approval process in place, with our marketing and advertising agencies, to ensure that all advertising content is consistent with our brand values. Regrettably, in this incident, that process was not followed. We sincerely apologize for this error
At the bottom of things, worldwide advertising firm Arnold MPG emerged as the responsible entity in the final release of the "Sad Big Mac Ad". Thereby, Arnold gave an apology:
Arnold apologizes for its mistake to McDonald's and to anyone who was offended by the ad. McDonald's did not approve the ad, and its release was our unintended error. We've addressed the issue and have improved our approval process to ensure this does not happen in the future

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