3 Feet Of Snow Surprised Upstate NY

New York got surprised by the high stacks of snow, specially on the New York ski mountain near the Vermont boarder. Quite cold for the weekend and perhaps across week ahead.

According to Jon Lundin, Whiteface Mountain spokesman, the mountains of Adirondacks has been covered with about 36 inches of snow. It even got the Olympic Regional Development Authority close the Whiteface Veteran's Memorial Highway due to the potential risks seen for the motorists.

The piles of Snow in upstate New York started with a light fall on Saturday and until Sunday. The 3-feet deep snow could be a record for Whiteface.

Photos of Snow on the Whiteface Mountain Veterans' Memorial Highway (N.Y. 3 Feet Of Snow Photos):
N.Y. 3 Feet Of Snow Photos
Photo: media.macon.com

N.Y. 3 Feet Of Snow Photos
Photo: news-herald.com
N.Y. 3 Feet Of Snow Photos
Photo: redorbit.com
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