Air Conditioners Banned in Pakistan

Air Conditioners Banned in Pakistan -- Due to unstable energy resources, shortages to be exact, Pakistan prime minister issued a ban on the use of air conditioners by its government offices.

The said ban is somewhat frowned upon though, as summer is still on the height.
The ban shall be on until Pakistan's energy situation improves.

It is said that during summer in Pakistan, the temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a frigging 40 degrees Celsius.

Alongside this ban is a summer dress code that is similar to what has been implemented in Japan since 2005 - "Cool Biz". It is a dress down thing which "..encourages workers to dress down, ditching their suits and ties for open-necked, short-sleeved shirts." (

On the same regard, Pakistan's summer dress code recommends:
light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to help combat the heat.

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Anonymous said...

This is really stupid . Instead of banning Air Conditioners , AC timings should be fixed or rent on electricity should be increased. How will the enforcement on the ban be carried if people operate AC's in their house?