Ancient Water Found in Canadian Mine

Trapped and found at least 2.4km down in the Timmins deep mine, ancient water (gas and water actually) has been drilled from rock in a North American mine, a group of scientists say. According to the findings of the Canadian and UK team, the water deposit must be at least 1.5 billion years old.
The team is now investigating further on the possibility of finding living micro-organism that could have lived in the ancient water through time. Series of sample testing is now underway. Prof Chris Ballentine from Manchester University says:
There are similar waters in South Africa with almost identical chemistry that are tens of millions of years old, and they contain microbes that have adapted to that environment
These are microbes that can survive on the energy from the natural water-rock interactions
The ancient water was discovered from buried sulphide ores.

Further on the details pertaining to life forms and their cycle, Prof. Ballentine revealed that:
The study has consequences for our understanding of how early life on Earth may have migrated into these kinds of environments and been protected from cataclysmic events at the surface
And being completely speculative, on somewhere like Mars, where the surface may have been habitable in its early history, water could have percolated into deep environments and been preserved on planetary timescales.

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