China: Rat Meat Sold as Lamb

China: Rat Meat Sold as Lamb -- China's Ministry of Public Safety told that there has been a lot of food smuggling and adulteration happening in Beijing, where for one, rat meats are sold as lambs. As of the latest, the region's police says it was able to take in 63 suspects involved in the said food anomalies and cheating.
The suspects are allegedly using gelatin, red pigment and nitrates to alter the rat meats before selling to the general market.

The issue of meat smuggling in China has been posing some serious threats to local customers. News report says that a consumer in Shaanxi died after eating a "lamb" due to pesticide contents.

Food safety and security are now taking on the new president Xi Jinping's governance.

Here is a link, which Shanghai police posted on how to tell the difference between "rat meat roll" and "lamb meat roll."

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