Coleen Perlas Video Goes Viral, Trends on Twitter

Coleen Perlas Video Goes Viral, Trends on Twitter -- This girl allegedly recorded a video acting like having a squabble or verbal war with a certain Maxene, earned loads of bashing on Twitter and YouTube alike, pointing her English grammar and all. Someone even joked that she's been on some mosquito repellant smoke sniffing session.
Barako News is still not fully aware of who Coleen Perlas really is, where she lives or what does in her normal life but one thing is for sure, she got one great ticket to the lands of the bashed individuals online. As per netizens post on Twitter, she just left her Twitter account (and made a new one of course) due to her video and the comments it garnered.

Watch Coleen Perlas Video:
For some reasons, Coleen Perlas could have been left alone with her rants but her unjust treatment of the English language and the irony she spoke of, drove social media people to jump in and hunt her down. This is he Coleen's latest Tweet, using her new account:
And yes, even celeb Anne Curtis saw what went on with Coleen Perlas; Seemingly unable to hold her silence, so she Tweeted:
Barako News is not taking the cup of bashing Coleen Perlas for her poor English and ironic ironies - we just want to remind everyone that criticism can be directed and addressed in a different way. A way that is more lenient and considerate. All of you may hate Coleen Perlas because of her looks and incoherence but do make sure you are not committing some sort of a cyber bullying.

Oh well, we don't find Coleen Perlas' English cool and right, more so of her looks but it's her freedom, unless she directly insults any of us, we can just keep mum and watch her on YouTube ranting her life away.

Our cents.

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