Fake Engineers in KSA Deported

Fake Engineers in KSA Deported -- The Saudi Kingdom through its Council of Engineers intensified its move to weed out fake professionals or "engineers" in its ranks and so, as per recent finding, there been over 1,000 so called engineers with forged credentials and or degrees found.
Abdullah Shahri
Director for the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) in Makkah Province Abdullah Shahri remarked that engineers have been vital part of the Kingdom's industrial growth and thus, professionalism must be maintained. At the moment, the SCE is in the process of continuous evaluation of the academic qualifications and experiences of those who are in the engineering profession of Saudi Arabia.

This is a strong reminder to all of the nations and even individuals who are trying to penetrate the engineering industry of KSA with the use of fake documents. If any of you are planning to work in the Kingdom, make sure that you got the true credentials for the profession that you wish to work on.

Here is the tally by country of fake engineers found by the SCE in its initial work on data mining. (Engineers with forged documents / papers):

Philippines (317)
India (178)
Pakistan (92)
Egypt (89)
Syria (53)
Jordan (44), Lebanon (44)
Sudan (40), Palestine (35)
Bangladesh (16)
China (12)
Yemen (12)
France (10)
South Korea (7)
The UK (7)
Sri Lanka (5)
Turkey (4)
US (4)
Cyprus (3)
Saudi (29) - fake engineering degree

Fake engineers from the Philippines topped the list, followed by those from India then Pakistan.

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