FlipTop - Zero Hour vs Sak Maestro (Pakusganay) Video

Here goes the kind of rap battle that anyone would love to see progressing in the league. FlipTop is surely traveling roads to reach out to talented MCs in the regions of the Philippines and no doubt that huge accomplishments are adding up day by day.
The recently conducted rap battle series titled "Pakusganay", in Davao City, @ GSP Gym, Ponciano, had two of the great MCs that I would like see battle for more - Zero Hour and Sak Maestro.

Watch the video Zero Hour vs Sak Maestro (Pakusganay) Video:
Judges decision: Winner is Zero Hour / Votes: 3-2

A lot of discussion is going on and lengthy in YouTube, as of writing this post. A lot of people say that Sak Maestro should have won the battle.

How about you, what do you think about the performance in the video above?
If you were one of the judges in this rap battle, what would be your decision?

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