Free WiFi for Tourists in Taiwan

So the news had it that Taiwan has just offered free WiFi to its tourists, as per information shared by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau.
According to the bureau, Taiwan's government and its cooperating line agencies have prepared at least 4,400 "iTaiwan" WiFi hotspots for the tourists to enjoy. To avail of the service, a tourist must apply for an account by presenting his/her passport.

After a successful application, a tourist can automatically go online using his/her mobile device or computer. Here is a quote taken from the website of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau, featuring the related announcement:
Tourists can now connect to the internet all over Taiwan, free of charge. The Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and its subordinate agencies, together with local governments, have set up about 4,400 “iTaiwan” WiFi hotspots at major tourist spots, transportation hubs, cultural establishments, and government offices all over the island. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission are working to provide the utmost convenience for foreign visitors and eliminate any communications problems they may encounter. This new service will considerably brighten Taiwan’s already shining image for quality travel services.
Do you think iTaiwan will be offered free for the Filipino tourists too? Could this be a trap of some sort? Just thinking aloud.

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