Funny Wifi Passwords, You Got One?

Funny Wifi Passwords, You Got One? -- Twitter people have been on the craze for these Funny Wifi Passwords (FunnyWifiPasswords) and a lot of them are really funny and entertaining at the same time. Have you got one of those? Why don't you join Monster Radio RX93.1 ( morning rush activity and Tweet your funny wifi passwords too? I am thinking and trying to scour a couple of them right now.
To join, RX93.1 on this Twitter barrage, just the hashtags #themorningrush, #FunnyWifiPasswords and #RX931, with your funny wifi password of course.

While reading the Tweets listed in Monster Radio's stream, we found these 20 Funny Wifi Passwords funny, witty and with a lot of humor, at least in our own line of comedic cognition:
  1. KissMunaSaLipsNaMayKasamangHug - Sammy ‏@imawesammy
  2. MAHALKOSIJUSTINEBIEBER - karedad raya ‏@karencho03
  3. McDo, Lakeshore: IHATEJOLLIBEE -  Erica Ang ‏@ericaang_
  4. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  - Jose Errol Changcoco ‏@ItsIshiqueErrol
  5. Thereisnowaythatimgoingtoconnectyourdevicetoourwifi - Angelo Burog ‏@AngeloPTX
  6. TryAgain - Jedd Francis™ ‏@jeddfrancis21
  7. Open Network Password: ClosedNA - CUTENESS AMBASADOR ‏@phil_cute
  8. LibreToBastaIbotoNyoLangTatayKoSaEleksyon - Ralph Gideon ‏@RAWRph
  9. HanepAbotSainyo - Gio Semeniano ‏@ItWasntGio
  10. NasaLabasSiMikay  - dynegirl™ ‏@dynegirl
  11. 123underscoremainstreamdaw - Chris Robles ‏@thatguymarkedX
  12. AsaKaPa - Hillary Lazaro ‏@hillazaro
  13. BakitMoHinuhulaanPasswordKo  - Sam Maniquiz ‏@imsarcasam
  14. hindilibretogago - JM Cruz ‏@imbamanila
  15. lactobacillishirotastrain  - Panchito ‏@PanchTrinidad
  16. HanapinMoMunaAko - Tom Cruz ‏@Thomas_Floyd
  17. MeetMeAtSogo - Rico Maria ‏@MisterMaria
  18. PrettyFlyForAWifi - Astroboy ‏@astroboyisgay
  19. benteperhour - KIMYASAY. ‏@kimyasay
  20. YungDatiParin - Nat JAY-O ‏@gladJAYtor
Some of them are obviously invented for the sake of joining the fun, but they are actually brilliant.

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