Georgia Man Finds Coca-Cola Top Secret Recipe, Sells on eBay

Cliff Kluge believes he found the ever secret Coca-Cola recipe and is now trying to sell the mighty list on eBay. The starting bid is a sounding $15 million.

Kluge and wife revealed that the said document came from boxes they bought about four (4) years ago; Inserted in it is believed as a 1943 recipe referring to the long and standing Cola product in the world.

According to Kluge:
When I saw this I just thought it was interesting, so I folded it up, stuck it in my purse and carried it around for a couple of weeks showing my friends
Whoever had typed this letter had seen the original recipe ..The letter always references Coke and products and stuff.
We believe it is definitely related to Coca-Cola
On the other hand, people from Coca-Cola said, the one and only copy of the Coca-Cola recipe is found in Georgia but not in the house of the Kluges. It is said that to have the ever-sought copy of the said recipe is like finding the objects told in an old myth.

Alleged Coca-Cola Secret Recipe, found on image search on Google:
The original recipe of Coca-Cola was made in the 19th century. It is locked in a safe. This is the information shared by Ted Ryan, chief archivist at Coca-Cola.

What do you think about the claim of Cliff Kluge? Does he really possess the authentic copy of Coca-Cola recipe? It is an interesting venture to try, but as per Coca-Cola company's statements, this scenario happens every year.

If you ever find Coca-Cola sale on eBay, will you be most likely to place a bid? 

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