I-5 Bridge Collapses in NW Washington

I-5 bridge or Interstate Bridge 5 in Washington collapsed on Thursday evening, pulling down cars and passengers to Skagit River, as per report given by the Washington State Patrol.
I-5 bridge is a 4-lane passage over the Skagit River; It collapsed at about 7 pm. As of late, there were no immediate casualties found. It is still unclear whether there were injuries and deaths in the said incident, more so on the number of people and cars dumped into the river.
The bridge which stretches from the North Cascades National Park to a cluster of islands off the Washington coast has been labeled as "functionally obsolete" (Federal Highway Administration), which means that the design is a bit laid back.  Perhaps it is  due to the fact that transport and logistics demands in the area may have grown up already.
Rescue helicopters, boats and ambulances are already in the scene to carry on the necessary actions to be done.

The interstate bridge over Skagit river was built in 1955. Its sufficiency rating is recorded as 57.4 out of 100, which is below the statewide average rating of 80 (Associated Press analysis of federal data).

2012 Skagit County Public Works Department reports say that the country's 108 bridges got 42 with over the age of 50 years and older. Eight (8) of the said bridges are more than 70 years old, while two (2) have been built more than 80 years ago.

Do check out for I-5 bridge video compilations and reports to get additional information about the situation.

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