Newborn Baby Rescued From Sewage Pipe in China

A healthy newborn baby was successfully rescued from being trapped in a sewage pipe, somewhere in Eastern China at the city of Jinhua. People in the building called the attention of the police authorities after hearing sounds of a baby crying.
Baby No 59
The firefighters had to cut an L-shaped pipe that is 10cm in diameter just to get the baby out and take him to a hospital.
Newborn baby found alive in sewer pipe in China  (telegraphtv)
The baby was named "Baby No 59", coming from his incubator number in the hospital where he was taken for the necessary medical care.
Baby No 59
Here is the rescue footage / video of Baby No 59:
After seeing the rescue footage of the baby, Jinhua residents arrived at the hospital to express their support. They donated baby clothes and milk, among many other things.

Police officers are now in the move to find out why the baby was trapped in the pipe. There are notions that the mother of the child might have concealed her pregnancy and unexpectedly gave birth while using the toilet.

Other ideas go as, this could be related to China's 1-child policy that has been going on for over 3 decades already.

Good luck and enjoy life, Baby No 59.

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