Oklahoma City Tornado Updates

Previously reported disaster hitting Oklahoma, Iowa and Kansas unfortunately made significant strikes in the United States lands, with a rather devastating impacts, claiming at least 51 lives as of the latest reports by CNN.

The casualty includes 7 children at an elementary school while some buildings were leveled up by massive tornadoes.
According to estimates, the tornado that hit Oklahoma has a width of about 2 miles. It rolled towards the south of Oklahoma city metro area.

Here are the latest updates in the tornado stricken Oklahoma:
  • Oklahoma expects 40 more dead bodies from the disaster area
  • Texas will be sending rescue teams to help in the search activity
  • At least 45 children were brought to a hospital at OU Medical Center on Monday morning
  • Moore, Oklahoma is in water crisis
  • White house revealed that Obama already signed a document stating Oklahoma is in the state of emergency
  • 51 people were declared dead due to the storms
  • It is still unclear how many students were at the Plaza Towers during the tornado strikes.
Stay tuned as news come in for the updates on what's happening in Oklahoma and its neighboring cities.

Oklahoma death toll is rising in number due to the extreme change in weather condition. Let's hope for the safety of those who are still within the disaster influence area.

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