Passenger Gives Birth Inside LRT Train

At around 6:25am a woman gave birth to a baby boy inside a train of the Light Rail Transit 1 (LRT1) on Wednesday. Accidentally, a nurse was inside the train, hence assistance was easily sought for the mother in need of an immediate assistance.
The maternal labor incident happened before the the LRT Doroteo Jose Station.

As of the latest update given by the LRT management, the baby boy and her mother are doing fine at the moment.

Good vibes being the sign of a new life but also, a point of reminder for the LRT company to consider adding sufficient number of required medical persons with appropriate aides to attend to this kind of situation. Perhaps, for every pregnant passenger, the LRT personnel should perform necessary precautions and assistance the most, to avoid any untoward events.

A nurse or a midwife maybe deployed inside a train with a pregnant passenger.

Someone on Twitter even suggested to give lifetime free rides for those born inside the train, to which Lawyer Hernando Cabrera, LRT spokesperson replied:
Not good policy, gagawin anakan ang LRT. (Not good policy, LRT will be treated as labor ward)
Well, if things are placed rationally, this can even improve the train's quality of service.

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