Saudi Arabia Loosens Ban on School Sports for Girls

Saudi Arabia Loosens Ban on School Sports for Girls -- Fresh news have it that Saudi Arabia has just declared that its women, specially those into sports, will be allowed to compete in school. A first of its kind, national provision in the Islamic kingdom in view of a more lenient take on the issue of women's rights.
Those enrolled in private schools will be allowed to join sports activities as long as they wear decent clothing. Also, the students have to be supervised by female Saudi instructors.

On the other hand, there is still a pending take on what has to be done when it comes to extending the permission to those enrolled in the public schools.

Said Hala Tashkandi, a junior student of Applied Linguistics at Prince Sultan University:
I think it’s a really good idea
Physical education for girls is sorely lacking, which is a shame because some of the best athletes I know are female.
Last year during the London Olympics, two women from Saudi Arabia competed in the women’s 800m race and judo.

The tide of winning the wider consideration for Saudi women to compete in sports competitions, local and abroad may soon be turning the way it should be, in the eyes of its proponents and champions.

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