Scientists Unearth Small New Dinosaur in Alberta Canada

Scientists Unearth Small New Dinosaur in North America -- Specimen of a what is said as "new dinosaur" has been excavated in Alberta, Canada by a group of scientists. The dino was named as "Acrotholus audeti", where Acrotholus means "high dome", as the new specie is a pachycephalosaur - group of the said animals with thick and bony skulls.
 According to curator and researcher David Evans of the Royal Ontario Museum:
Acrotholus provides a wealth of new information on the evolution of bone-headed dinosaurs. Although it is one of the earliest known members of this group, its thickened skull dome is surprisingly well-developed for its geological age
85 millions years ago, the newly discovered dinosaur is believed to have roamed Alberta. (Photo reconstruction: Julius Csotonyi)

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