Tailed creature seen in NASA photo from Mars

Is it true that a tailed creature has just been sighted on Mars as per speculations taken out of a series of photos taken by NASA? FoxNews even asked "Is that a rat or a lizard or Mars?
There has been a claim that a creature with a tail exists as per photos released by NASA.

Well, NASA might have been silent about these series of "rumors" that there is life on Mars but according to its latest statements, the agency says it has not found any life on Mars yet.

Some imaginative minds out there even asked if NASA has been placing animals in cryogenic chambers for a series tests.

Here is what NASA says about the "creature with a tail" seen in the photos referred above:
Rocks come in lots of interesting shapes
 It's great that people are enjoying looking at them and arguing about them. It's bringing people along on the mission as much as possible.
 If there were any sign of life on Mars, we would make that news available quickly
Those are the answers given by the NASA spokesman Guy Webster.

So nevertheless, speculators and curious minds are bound to keep in mind, at least for now, that there has been no life found on Mars, amidst the multitude of evidence of it found in the past years or so.

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