The Camaro Ai-Ai Gave to Ex Husband Jed Salang

Following the bitter incident that happened to Philippine comedienne Ai-Ai de las Alas, where she publicly revealed on TV the sudden separation between her and then husband Jed Salang, are series of tidbits that poured in to reveal what really took place in the background.

After Ai-Ai's interview, Jed Salang deactivated his social media accounts. The decision perhaps came up due to the barrages of comments addressed towards his trickery.

This is a screenshot of Jed Salang's Instagram account:
Apparently, Mr. Salang could not contain the criticisms he got from the netizens, so he chose to close his social media portals.

Reportedly, Ai-Ai gave Jed a Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee edition. This was prior to a physical fight that triggered the separation of the couple last May 2. Although it's a good thing for the de las Alas that the precious car is now back into their garage.

It could have been a big heist, so to speak. Here is a photo of that Camaro, with Jed Salang posing beside it.
There will be a lot things to add up to the line up of what really happened during the short-lived marriage of Ai-Ai and Jed. Let's wait and see as they surface up, online or via TV and print sources.

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