Orange County Mom Won $14M Super Lotto Jackpot by Accident

Orange County Mom Won $14M Super Lotto Jackpot by Accident -- Accidentally spending a dollar more for her usual lotto buying practice, single mom of 4 reaped a total pay off by winning the Super Lotto Jackpot prize.
Thuan Le put $6 into the self-service machine by accident, so she had to add $1 dollar more to just hit for the SuperLotto Plus ticket.

Upon checking the Lotto results with her friend, she found out that her numbers were the ones picked in the recent draw.  Le's winning number combinations were: 5, 33, 25, 46, 32, and the Mega number 26.

Her sons were surprised and even thought that their mom was joking when she broke the news out. Her sons told the Lotto officials:
We thought she was joking ..but we thought would she really joke like this? My older brother said, 'yes, she would.
The SuperLotto Plus seller will then receive a bonus of .5% of the total prize or a total amount of  $70,000. (MSNBC)

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