U.S. Military Plane Crashes After Take Off From Manas Transit Center

U.S. Military Plane Crashes in Kyrgyzstan After Take Off From Manas Transit Center -- A KC-135 based on Boeing 707 crashed in Kyrgyzstan today, a few moments after successfully taking off from the Manas Transit Center.
Head of the rescue team Col. Dzhambulbek Dzumagolov said news revealed that there were no survivors in the crash, though remains are yet to be collected. Meanwhile, US Air Force issued a statement, saying "..the status of the crew is unknown".
About 2:30pm, the refueling tanker went down close to the village of Chaldovar, a place that is less than a hundred miles from Bishkek.

Kyrgyz authorities has already set up a committee that will investigate on the possible causes of the incident.

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