Yahoo Reveals Makeover For Flickr, New Feartures Added

After buying Tumblr, Yahoo revealed a renovated home for photo hosting site Flickr. The main gist is that, you get a terabyte for your images plus the capability of sharing them in full resolution. On top of that, since social sharing is undoubtedly the top thing today, the new Flickr will now let you share your contents instantly.
The redesigning of Flickr was revealed by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer during a talk at a press conference in New York. The announcement was made, hours after Yahoo acquired Tumblr.

So what are the new things in the renovated Flickr site? Well, Yahoo said that at first, they wanted the thing to be unlimited. But for now, users are hoped to be better going with the exquisite feature where they can upload full resolution photos that are ready to be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Another grand perk that came with the New Flickr Platform is the gigantic storage for every user to exploit. It is estimated that 1 terabyte can practically store up to about 540k images. What more could you ask for?

Have your tried logging on to your Flickr account today? Did you see the new design and features? How do you find them given your nature of online presence and activities?

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