Apple plans to launch iRadio, a free music streaming service

There have been buzzes related to the likelihood of Apple to launch an ad-supported free music streaming service, sometime soon.
None from Apple introduced the product yet but the company has been very vocal in embarking on the provision of radio format services.

Various thoughts have already been expressed by notable personalities including Bloomberg's Adam Satariano, who said:
Apple intends to make its new radio service free to users and supported by advertising, similar to how Pandora’s mobile app works, people familiar with the plans said
The new service will be different from Apple’s iTunes in that the songs played won’t be limited to what a user has purchased, and listeners won’t own the songs they stream for free.
iRadio is seen to operate like Pandora and Google Play Music All Access, where the system will generate radio stations or channels depending on the users' selection of songs, artists and perhaps, genre.

What do you think about iRadio coming into the mainstream of radio industy?

I wonder when is the release of iRadio in the present market. It looks interesting and full of potentials in the digital market.

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