Boxer urges opponent to fight, gets quick KO [VIDEO]

Last Saturday could have been a sweet addition to Miguel Zuniga's impressive boxing stats (10-1) but the saying "be careful of what you wish for" did work unfavorably on his part.
Miguel Zuniga cornered Daquan Arnett in the 5th round of a co-main event contest at the BB&T Center, scoring well and good. He took a step back and urged Arnett to bring it in, to which the latter had a devastating answer. An exchange of punches took place, then a quick blow to Zuniga's right chin brought him down to the canvass.

Arnett knocks out Zuniga video:
Arnett won the match plus an improved stat of 11-0.

With this, Zuniga will be going home to his hometown in Mexico with another loss and a big lesson to treasure in life.

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