Candy Crush Saga got 15+ million daily users

Candy Crush Saga is surely on the rise to stardom, had it been a singer, dancer or a certain performer. You will see how it has conquered huge share of the times of gaming and tech savvy out there. According to analytic firm AppData, Candy Crush got more than 15 million users daily. Astounding as it is almost half the fans of the Apps on Facebook, which is over 32 million.
Candy Crush Saga is a downloadable game App for both Android and Apple devices. It is developed by a London-based company, King.

Almost anyone can attest to the truth about the sensation and intensity this game has brought upon. Perhaps to the extreme, you would see people playing Candy Crush while on board a public transport vehicle, at the lobby and waiting lounges in the airport, office desk and even in a serious company meeting.
To some with uncontrolled passion and maybe addiction to Candy Crush, the game is absorbing a lot of one's time from being productive. It may look like a kiddie game but once your hands are on it, you just can't stop. You always anticipate what are the things to happen next.
So just like in the old days when brick game came out in the market - parents were worried about the radiation that their kids may absorb while playing. Although this time around, nobody would seem to reprimand you because the game has surpassed age limit and category. Even your mom, dad and grandparents maybe playing Candy Crush Saga while in their rooms or on the sofa while occasionally sipping their coffee.

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