Cinemalaya 2013 new breed and directors showcase films

Cinemalaya 2013 got its first batch of films that are set to participate in categories "New Breed" and "Directors Showcase".
Here goes the 10 for New Breed films and 5, so far for the Directors Showcase category, as listed below:

Cinemalaya 2013 New Breed films:

  1. BABAGWA (Spider)  by Jason Paul Laxamana
  2. DEBOSYON by Alvin B. Yapan
  3. INSTANT MOMMY by Leo Abaya
  4. NUWEBE by Joseph Israel M. Laban
  5. PUROK 7 by Carlo Obispo
  6. QUICK CHANGE by Eduardo Roy Jr.
  7. REKORDER by Mikhail Red
  8. THE DIPLOMAT HOTEL by Christopher Ad Castillo
  9. TRANSIT  by Hannah Espia
  10. DAVID F. by Manny Palo
Cinemalaya 2013 Directors Showcase:
  1. AMOR y MUERTE by Ces Evangelista
  2. EXTRA by Jeffrey Jeturian
  3. PORNO by Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
  4. SANA DATI by Jerrold Tarog
  5. THE LIARS  by Gil M. Portes
Stay tuned to this list as entries may still pour in, since the deadline has been set to until September 11. Who do you think will make it to the Cinemalaya 2013 winners final list? Let's see which film make it to the top.


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