Hoffa remains: FBI scours Detroit area fields for more leads

Hoffa remains have been the subject of a massive digging operation of FBI, a recent news says. In order to solve the criminal cases related to the alleged mobster back in the days, Jimmy Hoffa's reported burial site in Detroit area has been for the digging after a warrant was released.

Jimmy Hoffa, according to another living mobster in the person of Tony Zerilli, was buried some 20 miles north of Detroit. He was last seen in the area in the year 1975.

FBI took some time to investigate on the reports of Zerilli, but afterwards, moved to seek for an authorization to excavate the "burial site" of Hoffa. His remains are hoped to help in the progress of solving the questions regarding his activities when he was still alive.

Hoffa disappeared in July 1975. He was supposed to meet someone nearby a restaurant in Detroit.

Zerilli, a now 85 year old, old time mafia member is the son of Detroit mafia founder Joe Zerilli.

Could Zerilli's information lead the authorities in settling the cases related to the mafia line in Detroit? Will Hoffa remains make better lead in the on-going investigation?

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