Hostess' Twinkies comes back to shelves next month | New package

Hostess Brands LLC announced a comeback for the "Golden sponge cake with creamy filling", Twinkies.
Last year, the company went bankrupt after a grave issue with its workers in union. Now, it is up for a comeback, and also for Hostess' Twinkies.

Just like a movie, Hostess is seeing a blockbuster reception for Twinkies in the coming month. The taste will be the same but the package will be changed. For sure, it will be bearing the tag line "The sweetest comeback in the history of EVER".

The message is clear - Hostess' Twinkies is coming back!

It is a sad note that after Hostess left the market shelves, a lot of fake and mimicking products surfaced up, says Daren Metropolous of the Metropolous & Co., a company which tied up with Apollo Global Management to buy stocks of Hostess sugary treats.

The end result of the said unionized protest was devastating as thousands of workers lost their jobs, alongside the removal of Hostess Twinkies from the selling bins.

Twinkies originated in the US, River Forest Illinois in particular. It was invented by James Alexander Dewar on April 6, 1930.

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