India floods death toll hits 560 while thousands are missing

While Philippines just had a couple of tropical depressions (Emong and Fabian), India is currently battling floods, causing thousands of people missing.
As of the latest, India floods death toll is at 560 and sadly, there will be more. What hit the northern part of India is a monsoon, which brought rains on Saturday - this triggered flash floods and landslides.
The floods ravaged houses and apartment blocks on the banks of Ganges. Cars and trucks were swept away by the rushing waters.
Rescue operations in the affected areas have already been deployed. Most of the stranded individuals are pilgrims and tourists of the Himalayas. An 80-year old woman is even among the survivors.

Minister of information and broadcasting, Manish Tewari told reporters that "Whatever is humanly possible is being done".

Tune in while necessary news and updates are being released related to India floods, death toll and emergency efforts.

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