Isabelle Daza - Georgina Wilson kissing photo on Instagram goes viral

So! We got Celebrity models and cousins Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson kissing photo going viral, since it got posted on photo sharing network Instagram.
Ms. Daza posted the photo on Thursday with the accompanying caption:
our take on equality for gay rights.
Along with the post, Daza thanked photographer Mark Nicdao.

In just a few hours of posting, the material garnered more than 8,000 likes and 400 comments. As of posting this article, the photo has got 9.27k likes and 495 comments and counting.

Some even tagged the photo "incestuous", while others say it's a pulse supporting the victory of the LGBT community in the US.

This photo of Isabelle and Georgina kissing, made it online, day after the US Supreme Court rolled out its take on same-sex marriage.

Which comes to mind, a previous post on the growing spur about a local TV primetime "My Husband's Lover", wherein Philippine's Catholic Bishop Council urged MTRCB, a local TV regulatory board to take a sensitive review related to moral standards. The show portrays a family man having an extra marital affair with another gay, his ex-boyfriend.

If you would like to know about the details of this controversial photo of Isabelle and Georgina, just head on to the former's Instagram account ( and watch the comments and discussions pouring in.

While some of the commenters say, equality is a legit concept, campaign and advocacy, it certainly goes beyond kissing, with your own cousin to be specific, in real or in a provocative way via photos.

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