Joe Torre Daughter catches falling baby boy in Brooklyn

Joe Torre's Daughter, Cristina just had a heroic run after catching a 16-month-old baby boy waiting to succumb to a fall from a yogurt store building.
The baby was reportedly dangling by the store's front sign board; Before he reaches the ground, Joe Torre's daughter was able to catch him.

Here is the report video from CBSNewYork

The incident took place at 9104 Third Ave. in Brooklyn, by Sweetie Frozen Yogurt shop. The boy was lucky as the 44 year old Cristina Torre was walking by the area that time.

The baby saved was identified as Dillon Miller.

Here's what the witnesses said about Joe Torre's Daughter:
She was positioning herself, and she works with preschool kids, and she kind of knew from what he was doing; that he was going to come down
..and she was in the right place at the right time, thank God.
She was amazing ..and I went over to her and I said, ‘You’re a hero! You saved the baby!
Dillon, according to police reports, crawled out of the window, while his parents were sleeping.

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