Johnny Depp says Tonto is a no-joke character

Johnny Depp is playing as the native American warrior "Tonto" in the upcoming movie in July, "The Lone Ranger". It is a remake of a 1950s TV series, which could be bringing some points for historical discussion considering the movie's role in shaking some racial politics grounds.
Seeing Johnny Depp is a white guy, playing an Indian character is an instant show of irony for the shallow-minded observer. Depp then said, Tonto is a no-joke character. For his part, Johnny wanted to give native American kids an avenue to embrace Tonto as their own hero. Here are Depp's words:
First of all, I wouldn't fuck with someone with a dead bird on their head ..Second of all, he's got the fucking paint on his face, which scares me.
I wanted to maybe give some hope to kids on the reservations... They're living without running water and seeing problems with drugs and booze. But I wanted to be able to show these kids, 'F***k that! You're still warriors, man.
The Lone Ranger is a film from Walt Disney. It is starred by Armie Hammer as John Reid / The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp being Tonto.

The Lone Ranger movie will be out on July 3. It is an action and adventure movie set in the 1950s. It is directed by Gore Verbinski and is written by Justin haythe (screenplay) and Ted Elliott (screenplay).

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