McDonalds rolls out late night menu

If you are the nocturnal type or maybe a late-night commuter, you can now avail of McDonald's newest addition to its menu lines. The fast food chain will be offering "After Midnight" meals including: Egg McMuffin, Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets.
Late night menu will also have "Midnight Value Meals", with side items at the choices of french fries or hash browns. The new menu concoction will be available from midnight to 4am.

As of now, "After Midnight" meals is available in northern Delaware and College Station, Texas.

Meanwhile, in Minot, North Dakota, the said late night menu items are available from midnight to 3am. The available meals are the following:
  1. Quarter Pounder with cheese
  2. Double Quarter Pounder® with cheese or McNuggets®
  3. Parfaits
  4. Cinnamelts
  5. Shakes and side salads
There will be no 10:1 hamburger patties during the said time frame

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