NBA Finals 2013 MVP - LeBron James it is!

Update! So, LeBron James is the NBA Finals 2013 MVP. Here is a photo of him holding the Bill Russell MVP Trophy:
Who do you think is the NBA Finals 2013 MVP in a few seconds from now? Game 7 has just ended and we got Miami Heat winning the final showdown against San Antonio Spurs. The final score is:

Miami Heat - 95
San Antonio Spurs - 88

And for the NBA finals top performers, we got Tim Duncan and  LeBron James on the board. Duncan registered a final scoring points of 24 in all, while James got 37. For the rebounds, both top performers got 12 on the mark, although in terms of assists, Duncan got 2 while James got 4.

Duncan: 8-18, 24 Pts / 12 Rebs, 2 Assists James: 12-23, 37 Pts / 12 Rebs, 4 Assists
While we wait for the final verdict on who will be taking home the crown for NBA 2013 MVP, we better tune in to video replays and reviews to see what really happened in the title-deciding game. But one thing is for  sure, LeBron James did an amazing job for his team.

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