Octopus pants sported by Billy Horschel at US Open 2013 Golf Tournament

Are octopus pants the new thing?  Well, this in fact sparked a debate whether the outfit is inappropriate or not for a golf tournament. The buzz came up when rookie in PGA tour Billy Horschel wore the pants during the conduct of the US Open 2013 Golf Tournament last weekend.
Above is a set of concept photos referring to the octopus pants of Billy Horschel. Here is his actual Tweet:
Horschel enjoys a huge sponsorship from Ralph Lauren, hence he gets the chance to wear several new designs of the clothing line. Before the US open, he even posted photos of him over Twitter, stating his plans to wear such in the coming tournament.
Some criticized octopus pants and even referred to it as quite unbecoming. But then again, there has been no rules governing the players' choice of clothes to wear during any golf competition.

How do you find octopus pants by the way? Would you wear it in a sport competition?

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