PDI Pugad Baboy Comic Strip on June 4 2013

National news line Philippine Daily Inquirer or PDI recently released an issue with its usual cartoon strip created by Pugad Baboy's Pol Medina, where it made mentioned the subject of lesbianism in a catholic school.
It gained almost an instant reaction from St. Scholastica College, Manila, the school "singled out" in the said comic series. The school even threatened the newspaper company with a lawsuit.

Here's the controversial Pugad Baboy comic strip, which angered St. Scholastica College, dated June 4, 2013:
Following the Internet commotion is a Tweet from an account "stschomla1906" - a confirmed official Twitter account of St. Scholastica College, urging PDI to deal with the issue. Here goes the screen capture of St. Scholastica's petition letter to PDI on Pugad Baboy comic strip:
Later news revealed some updates regarding this controversy; PDI says, Pol Medina remains its contributor and not yet fired, however his comic section "Pugad Baboy" will not be appearing in the news publication due to an on-going investigation.

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