Sang Mun creates spy-proof font called ZXX

In a move to raise awareness about National Security Agency's (NSA) surveillance schemes, graduate of Rhode Island School of Design Sang Mun created a font he named as "ZXX", which denotes "no linguistic content" based on the Library of Congress' coding system.
Sang Mun says, his font is unreadable to text-scanning softwares. The font face is disruptive as it is designed to confuse Optical Character Recognition (OCR) artificial intelligence. San Mun said:
The project started with a genuine question: How can we conceal our fundamental thoughts from artificial intelligences and those who deploy them? I decided to create a typeface that would be unreadable by text scanning software (whether used by a government agency or a lone hacker) — misdirecting information or sometimes not giving any at all
Font ZXX draws six (6) different cuts, namely Sans, Bold, Camo, False, Noise and Xed, in order to generate infinite permutations to fool machines detection mechanisms.

Download Sang Mun ZXX font here:

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Anonymous said...

This is bullshit, font is only a cover over, there's still the actual byte data behind the text that you ca easily spy on. Take text as a web page, even though you can't see how they put the chatboxes on the page, if you look in the actual markup language behind it, it's still all there.