Saudi Prince spent about $20M in Disneyland, True or False?

Prince Fahd al-Saud reportedly booked Disneyland near Paris, for 3 days to celebrate his degree. He spent about 15M euros for custom-made festivities. This is by far one of the grandest royal treatment that you can find in Disneyland.
The prince dedicated the 3-days bash in Disneyland for his 60 guests, whose names were not disclosed.

While the Saudi Prince is in Disneyland, there were  also "rare Disney characters", reports say.

For the records and readers to know, Prince Fahd is a Standford graduate in engineering. He's been Saudi Arabia's advisor on cyber technology.

Well, as what has been posted in the Prince's Facebook account, the news above is but a product of poorly researched item. The thing is, there was a mistaken identity in the way. Here is an official new article where the author asked for an apology for a news item blunder they made earlier. (Link Here)
Editor's Note: In an earlier version of this story, we incorrectly identified the Prince as Fahad al-Saud, a tech entrepreneur who is unrelated to this incident. We apologize for our error.
What do you think of this stuff, authentic or not? You be the judge.

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